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Addressing Problems with Solutions

The problems outlined in the Overview Problems Section need to be approached in a comprehensive manner that is adapted to each location and culture. Education is the key tool in reducing most of the issues indicated above. Proper hygiene and waste management is most important in underdeveloped agricultural areas. Local government needs to be supported with educational programs to change poor hygiene habits that contaminate the crops. This is especially an issue in India and Africa.

Including community planning and government is essential for long term success. Addressing local industry or manufacturing with positive communication to reduce industrial contamination is fundamental. This can best be done by offering cost saving recycling methods to manage wastes. If industry can see a cost advantage they will be more likely to modify their wastes management in a less damaging manner.

Establishing Fair-Trade co-operatives is a key part of any problem solving in the agricultural sector. This has proven success over the last 30 years to re-establish social and economic health to underdeveloped regions of the world. Once education and income are forthcoming the sustainability and supply of medicinal plants will be stable. The effect on the market will be positive once the supply and quality are stabilized.


Addressing problems with solutions