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EIVS is a company providing management, technical support and resource services associated with the agriculture, scientific and commercial sectors of the medicinal plant industry.

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Economic Problems

When viewed as a production system – from conception, production, harvesting, preservation, packaging, transport, storage, conditioning, sales and distribution – the medicinal plant cycle is incredibly flawed.

Not only is it flawed economically, it is also flawed in terms of quality control and a high quality end product. It is estimated that up to 30% of medicinal plants are substituted with inferior or wrong species. This results in monetary loss to the purchaser and end-user. It would not be incorrect to estimate that 50% of medicinal plant crops produced world-wide are either unusable or not used for various reasons (adulteration, toxicity, deterioration, etc.). The only companies that are not subject to these problems are those who follow the production of raw materials from planting to the shelf-ready product.