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EIVS is a company providing management, technical support and resource services associated with the agriculture, scientific and commercial sectors of the medicinal plant industry.

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Economic Solutions

The solution is to streamline the system of how medicinal plants are farmed and distributed through micro-management. When this is done correctly the profits for everyone would increase dramatically. The key factor is a centralized management that oversees divisions of expertise such as land management, agriculture, conditioning, transport, economic, etc. By having a general management overview of the industry it would be possible to direct micro-management:

1) Grow the same crop in different countries lessening the impact of political or natural events
2) Use sustainable agriculture methods to grow organic crops
3) Develop sustainable energy systems and management of the systems
4) Remove the brokers and middle men that damage crops & increase prices
5) Co-ordinates local micro-managers for sustainability and productivity
6) Local managers work with farmers to create FAIR TRADE co-operatives
7) Co-ordinate crop conditioning, transfer and transport to Western buyers

This would allow a stable supply of raw material to the buyer which in turn would stabilize prices and provide a standardized high quality to the end user – e.g., the public or industry.