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Cédric Smith
I am setting up a few projects in Europe. Last year (Dec 2012) we have begun a project with local farmers in the north of Portugal to supply us with European medicinal plants. I will be in Portugal in March and in May to expand the farmers in our projects.

Update July 2013 - We are expanding the projects in North Portugal. Looking forward to harvests this year.

Update October 2013 - Unfortunately our farmer lost his land in North Portugal and now needs to go in a legal battle to recover the improvements made on the land. So two steps forward and one back. No harvest for this year! We will start over.

Update July 2015 - going to court next month and should win. Typical exploitation of farmers. Positive news is we have new land and we are moving ahead - first harvest (small) with be this autumn.

Update Aug 2018 - this project is working and we have new land and the first crops came this year! Yea, a long hard battle, well worth it.

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