M6 Clinical Internship

After the first three levels of study with the institute (which correspond to the M2 module of OdA-AM), you will be able to complete an internship in Ayurvedic medicine. This training on Ayurvedic clinical practice with Vaidya Atreya Smith takes place in Lausanne, Switzerland.

This Ayurvedic medical internship provides the clinical practice necessary to qualify for the federal diploma and corresponds to module M6. See OdA-AM M6. This is an on site training validated by a 600 hour diploma of "Clinical Practitioner in Ayurveda".

Dates 2021 - 2022

September 02, 2021 to December 02, 2021


January 27, 2022 to June 16, 2022

- Each class starts at 8:00 am and ends at 5:00 pm every Thursday.
- There will be two additional days in the year to take the final exams in Lausanne.

The internship is taught by Vaidya Atreya Smith

Description Allocation of hours
with teacher 300 hours
case studies with teacher 250 hours
exams with evaluation 50 hours
Total 600 hours

This course is only open to students of Vaidya Atreya Smith. Contact Vaidya Atreya Smith directly by email to register.

This training is limited to three or four students chosen by Vaidya Atreya Smith.

Allocation of hours - M6 Internship

300 h - Teacher contact
300 h - Supervised study
600 h - Total Level 4 M6

Distribution of teaching costs

Description Allocation of costs
Registration fee 500 CHF
Internship Level 4 (600 hours 7400 CHF
Total 7900 CHF


Registration for Ayurvedic Medicine Training Internship M6

Registration Level 4

- Please note that this program requires an interview with Vaidya Atreya Smith before acceptance into the program can be confirmed.
- June 30 is the registration deadline

Location of training

Samgati - Institut de Yoga et d’Ayurveda
13, avenue Mon-Loisir
1006 Lausanne

Course Description

An Ayurvedic medicine internship is a training where the student works directly with the doctor and patients. This includes diagnosis, understanding the pathology and administering appropriate treatments. They are real patients with real problems. The first part of this training is the observation and discussion of each case. The second part of the training allows the student to diagnose and treat the patient under supervision (Kaya chikitsa).

After completing the 600 hours of training of "M6 Internship - Practical training ", as well as all the exams, you will receive a diploma signed by the European Institute of Vedic Studies (EIVS GmbH).

Internship in India

There is an optional internship program in Nagpur, India, with Dr. Sunil V. Joshi. This training lasts three weeks and is limited to one person at a time. There are 125 hours of contact with Dr. Sunil V. Joshi and his patients. 125 hours of supervised study are given for case studies written by the student for a total of 250 hours. This is an internship in a world-renowned Panchakarma clinic with an expert Panchakarma doctor.

The cost is 3350 CHF

Travel, accommodation and meals are not included in the cost of the training. Contact Vaidya Atreya Smith for availability, dates and qualifications. Students must have completed the first three levels of the M2 program to qualify and be accepted by Dr. Joshi.

Transportation, accommodation and personal supplies as well as recommended books are not included in the cost of the training. As soon as we receive your registration form with your first payment and motivation letter, and after the acceptance of your application, you will receive information about the course as well as all the necessary practical information.

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Training in Ayurvedic medicine with a validated diploma of 3190 hours – Nidana – Chikitsa – Dravyaguna – herbal medicine according to Ayurveda – trainings in Ayurveda since 1998 – Dr. Sunil V. Joshi, MD(ayu) – Vaidya Atreya Smith, BSc MA – all these courses are taught in English.

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