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EIVS is a company providing management, technical support and resource services associated with the agriculture, scientific and commercial sectors of the medicinal plant industry.

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Solutions conclusions

The beginning of the solution lies through increasing the yield while reducing the energy needed to produce, transport and condition the crops. Part of the current problem is that huge energy resources are being used for little return. This is true on an economic level as well as a fossil fuel level. The whole industry needs to change from a high yield / high energy consumption to a middle yield / low energy consumption that maintains long term sustainable agricultural. The farmers are the first ones to benefit from this approach. The investors equally benefit because this kind of agricultural gives increased profit each year that it is employed.

Other solutions can be found by correct management and advanced methods of renewable agriculture. Only by finding solutions will the increasing demand for medicinal plants will be met. If modern management and sustainable agricultural methods are not implemented today (2012) in this sector then there will be a major shortage in five years and a dramatic crisis in fifteen years. The demand in both the public and pharmaceutical sectors is increasing each year. The solution to the problems associated with the medicinal plant industry is today – in five years it will be too late to meet the demands of industry and thus the public.


Solutions conclusions