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EIVS is a company providing management, technical support and resource services associated with the agriculture, scientific and commercial sectors of the medicinal plant industry.

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The Vision & Goal

Ethnobotanical International Visions & Strategies is currently a Limited Liability Company or an LLC registered in Zurich Cantonment, Switzerland.

Vision of CEO
The vision is simple. Medicinal plants are disappearing from the marketplace. My passion and profession for the last thirty years is the traditional medicine of India (Ayurveda). I became interested in non-conventional medicine because I was diagnosed with a degenerative condition of the spine when I was 15 years old living in Honolulu and attending Punahou High School. While living in India in 1987 I discovered herbal medicine as used by Indians in their traditional medical system Ayurveda.

I discovered a medical system that helps me control my health and gives me pain management tools - this changed my life. I had spent 13 years trying everything from modern methods to acupuncture before discovering Ayurveda. I began to study to better heal myself. My motivations to learn this medical system were and remain 100% selfish – I am managing my own health and inherited disorder.

This developed into a passion that I have shared with other people through writing, teaching and as a therapist. My problems began several years ago when my students and patients could not get, or get only with great difficulty, medicinal plants. In 2009 I set up a system for my patients to have their medicines (herbs) formulated and mailed directly to them. This was very successful so with my colleague I started a small herbal products company called Padmini Ayurveda in Europe. The company is a “spare room” affair that provides my 2000 patients and several hundred students with the herbs they need to practice. We pride ourselves on keeping a low price while providing a high quality product to our customers.

Unfortunately, reality set in – we couldn’t get the bulk herbs. We were missing products for 5 to 6 months. Prices jumped up, some doubled in two years. Laws changed in Europe. Supplies dried up, patients when without medicines…………

I find this situation unacceptable. When I contacted my old fiend Prashanti De Jager – we had studied medicinal plants together in India in early 1990’s – I found out that the problem was deeper and more complex than I had realized. Mr De Jager had already set up the largest plantations of organic farming in Northern India for a food supplement company, Organic India, in the late 1990’s and early 2000. With several associations and friends he was trying to save rare medicinal plants in the upper Himalayan Mountains. The project was grinding to a halt due to a lack of funds.

Lastly I spoke with a famous blogger on social and economic issues in the USA. I told him about our projects, our goals and economic vision. He explained to me that the model I described was becoming popular in the United States under the name of the “New Economy Movement”. He encouraged me to go public with the project and explain to people what we are doing.

Thus, some synchronicity put a few people together who had the same problems and interests. I did the research and formulated the plan and Ethnobotanical International Visions & Strategies was born. All of us have invested our time and money in our projects. Each of us has a vision to help the local people, culture and economy of our given area; whether in Portugal, Spain, Hawaii, California or India local farmers and indigenous people are poor and without money or much hope. They have resource we need and we can provide them with an income.

I am selfish. I am doing this for myself. If I do not have medicinal plants for my work I will not be able to treat my patients nor will I be able to continue to train students in traditional herbal medicine. The market has changed so much in the last 30 years. When you think that I buy a kilo of plant for 20 Euros ($25 USD) and the farmer is paid 0.05 cents USD per kilo then there is a major problem that I can do something about. First, I want this product. Second, my patients and students want these products. Third, we are a drop in the bucket of the estimated 300 million people in Europe using medicinal plants. Fourth, the farmers and wild harvesting tribes need to work and eat; they need money they are not being paid. Fair Trade needs to happen now, not in the future.

What is the Vision?
The vision is to set up a non-profit Foundation to manifest this idea. In the meantime we are not waiting around. We have invested our own money and time into projects in different places in the world to grow as many different kinds of medicinal plants as we can and sell them to people, practitioners, small companies and whoever needs them. We are growing, buying and soon we will be ready to distribute medicinal plants. This is the vision; helping ourselves we help humanity.

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