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EIVS is a company providing management, technical support and resource services associated with the agriculture, scientific and commercial sectors of the medicinal plant industry.

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Who we are

EIVS is the creation of Cédric Smith also known as Atreya Smith. In 2002 EIVS was registered as a limited liability company in Switzerland for the development and expansion in Europe of traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda.

Cédric Smith was born in Santa Monica, California and grew up between California and Hawaii before moving to India in 1987. He left India in October 1994 to live with his wife in Paris. In 1998 he started two schools to teach traditional medicine in Zurich and in Paris. In 2005 he became a French citizen. In 2007 he became a resident in Switzerland and now has a “C” permit. He currently lives in Switzerland and runs a small school in Switzerland. In 2013 he closed his school in France in order to devote more time to this project.

EIVS is run and controlled 100% by Mr Smith. He has controlled both of his schools for more 20 years. Both schools are based on the concept that traditional Indian medicine should not be compromised or commercialized. Hence, profits have been used to create a publishing company in French language to promote the subject of non-conventional medicine. In Switzerland profits have been used to help publish Indian scholars and to set up a small herbal internet shop.

In 2005 Cédric Smith was given the title of a traditional doctor of Ayurveda – Vaidya. Therefore, he is also known as Vaidya Atreya Smith. He is a practitioner of Ayurveda in Europe and has a large clientele. He has trained 100’s of students in Europe and written three textbooks on traditional medicine that are used in Holland, Italy, United Kingdom, France, USA and Switzerland by certified schools of Ayurveda. He has also written 13 books that have been translated into nine different languages. In 2010 he started a small herbal products company to provide his patients and students medicinal plants.

Cédric Smith is supported by a core group of people that share his vision and passion to preserve culture and biodiversity:

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